On Target Health was created with the sole purpose of helping people live healthier, more productive lives. We achieve that goal through innovative programs targeting body fat, one of the leading contributors to chronic disease.


Our Mission

On Target Health will re-educate and re-energize every individual we encounter regarding their health. We will empower them for life.


Our Vision

Our vision is to drastically reduce the rate of obesity in the world by providing innovative and proven programs that target body fat loss.

How We Got Here

Methodology is Born

Methodology is developed by Beth Thompson and trials begin in her home.


Target Metabolism Founded

Target Metabolism founded and first retail location opens in Avon, Indiana.


$1m Revenue Achieved

Target Metabolism reaches $1m in revenue with 5 retail locations in Indiana and Kentucky.


Validation of Methodology

Ball State University completes first independent study of the methodology that shows weight loss comes solely from reduction in fatty tissue.


Study Results Presented

Results of independent study presented at the American Society of Nutrition Conference in San Diego.


Second Study Completed

Ball State University completes second independent study of the methodology with over 300 participants. Study confirms original findings.


Results of Study Published

Findings from first Ball State University study is published in Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences.


Methodology Presented at FASEB

Methodology is presented at the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology Conference in San Francisco.


Patent Granted

Business methods patent is granted by the USPTO.


Pivot of Business Model

Recession forces pivot of retail model as consumer spending decreases significantly.


On Target Health is Born

The patented methodology is brought to employers to aid in the fight to lower healthcare costs.


First Corporate Partner Announced

On Target Health contracts with first corporate partner, Hillenbrand, Inc. and they remain an active partner today with 3 operating locations.


Executive Team Grows

Todd Foushee joins On Target Health as partner and acting CEO.


$1m Revenue Achieved

On Target Health achieves $1m in revenue under new operating model.


$2m Revenue Achieved

On Target Health achieves $2m in annual revenue. Begins development of mobile application and backend operating platform.


New Partnership Announced

On Target Health enters into partnership with the Wellness Council of Indiana to provide discounted services to their member organizations.


Additional Funding Secured

Angel round financing secured to fund expansion of team and continued development of technology tools.


Technology Advancements

Mobile application released to all existing participants and internal coaching platform goes live.


Licensing Model Goes Live

On Target Health introduces new licensing model to the market, allowing organizations with existing health coaches the ability to offer the program at reduced rates.


CommunityHub Locations Open

On Target Health opens CommunityHub locations across the Midwest, allowing employers of any size to participate in the program.


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